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What is Somafera? Many ancient cultures throughout history have shown evidence of strange practices and sciences that have never been duplicated by modern civilizations. The ancient vikings had elite warriors called berserkers who were stronger than other men and much more difficult to damage. The ancient Greeks had women who entered trances and spoke prophecy from them. The Chinese Spirit Boxers fought in a battle madness that made them a match for invaders bearing superior weapons. African diasporic religions have holy men and women who commune with the gods, and walk on fire and eat glass as proof of it. These practices are all based altering the body's physiological state to enhance its functioning in certain ways. The goal of this site is to explore this phenomenon from all angles. Read More....

Historical Examples
Berserks; Mainads, Boxers; Dacian Wolf-People; Isawiyya; Jansenist Convulsionaires; Lakota Ghost Dancers & Crow Sun Dancers; Perchtenlauf; Running Amok; TarantismVodoun; Wild Men of the Woods; Animal-Men of AfricaTherianthropy; Fictional Berserks; Heroic Feats; Notable Individuals

Intermittent Explosive Disorder and the BerserkergangThe Science of Fire Resistance; The Science of Blade Resistance; Canalyzing and Analyzing Functions; Emotional Valence; A Matter of Genetics?; The Mechanics of Mind/Body/Spirit Unification; Nutrition for Somafera Practitioners; A Powerful Location on the Body; Unitary States in Ordinary People; Word-Sense Ambiguation

The Berserkergang: Somafera and Odin; The Havamal and the Gangr; Life as a Wolf; Relating to the Wolf Spirit in Somafera; Being A Mainad: Dionysos and Somafera; Embracing the Shadow; Letting Go; Classifications of Somafera States

The Berserkergang as a Martial Art; Somafera as Martial Art (Training; Fighting Techniques; Miscellaneous Issues; Styles; Berserker Basics); Runic Berserking Technique; Wod Raising Technique; Stages in Learning Somafera; Burning the Wod; Control and the Gangr; The Dagaz Moment; Don't Fight the Gangr; Emotional Elevation Technique; Healing Yourself; How Do I Control It?; Initiations; Meditation; Pain as a Teacher; The Road AheadSvipal-Nature and the IOBF; True and False Helblindi

*Since there is much overlap between the two aspects of somafera, many articles apply to both sections, and are therefore linked to on both sides.

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Putting on the Wolf Skin
Does Not Play Well With Others

Historical Examples
Mad Scientists; The Pythia; Trollaukin; Whirling DervishesKataragama; Pentecostals; Sadhus; Isawiyya; Jansenist Convulsionaires; Lakota Ghost Dancers & Crow Sun Dancers; Mainads; Vodoun

Madspace Theory; Canalyzing and Analyzing Functions; Emotional Valence; A Matter of Genetics?; The Mechanics of Mind/Body/Spirit Unification; Nutrition for Somafera Practitioners; A Powerful Location on the Body; Unitary States in Ordinary People; Word-Sense Ambiguation

Somafera, Madspace and Low-Tech TranshumanismMy Story; What It's Like; Letting Go; Embracing the Shadow; Classifications of Somafera States

Basic Techniques for Encouraging MadspaceThe Eureka Technique; Psymech Eureka Technique: Overview; Basic Psymech Eureka Technique; Intermediate Psymech Eureka Technique; Advanced Psymech Eureka Technique; Stages in Learning Somafera; Meditation; Emotional Elevation TechniqueTrue and False Helblindi; How Do I Control It?; Burning the WodSvipal-Nature and the IOBF; The Road Ahead

General Disclaimer: The information and practices described in this site are the result of years of study and dedication to the understanding of the risks involved. These descriptions are provided for purposes of information only. Actually trying to practice anything described in this site would almost certainly lead to injury, perhaps even serious injury or death. We strongly advise against it.
Disclaimer Regarding Somafera Groups and Forums: As we have been in existence for many years now, we have spawned a number of offshoots, so there is more than one somafera group in existence. We cannot vouch for the information or people on the others. One was formed by a group of Asatruar having no connection to the organization that we started. Another is actually a group of "Sith Lords" who have been passing off our training techniques as their own. A third is formed of dancers and other artists with no connection to us. A fourth is in France, and was formed by French speakers we were in contact with, and has our full support.
Still another was, unfortunately, formed by trolls. Certain members joined the forum we have for the discussion and development of somafera, and under the guise of helping us to move the forum and websites to better locations, stole all of the threads and kept us out of the forum they created, giving them the appearance of being legitimate. They also registered the domain to themselves, so that we could not use it. This group, the one associated with, are not legitimate, and we do not vouch in any way whatever for the information contained on their sites or forum, including anything supposedly written by us. The only legitimate somafera forums started by the people who coined the term and did all the pioneering research are the ones linked to from this page.
In time we expect still other groups to arise. To differentiate ourselves from them we here place the principles that our organization is based on:
We disagree with the concept of strict hierarchies and organization. We see the group here, known as the Pack, as a collection of alphas, a meeting of equals. We have no ranks, no badges, no collection of jolly pirate nicknames based on post numbers or accomplishments. We do not have bylaws, bills of rights, or rules. These are things needed by people who are bad at getting along with others, and who have nothing better to do with their time than try to regulate them. We do not have an authoritative administrator or leader. Nobody gives orders to anybody. We are very selective about membership, and expect everyone that we accept to be mature enough to keep the frith.
In general, we try to have important matters settled by group decision. However, this is not a democracy, strictly speaking. It is instead a meritocracy. In other words, members here have authority over decisions in direct proportion to the amount of responsibility they shoulder. For example, if a meeting of the Pack is set up, then decisions like meeting place, itinerary, and so forth are primarily made by the people who have done the work, paid for the meeting hall, and so forth. I (Wayland) am formally the moderator on these forums, but I will only step in to act as such as a last choice, when a tie breaker is needed or some emergency arises that cannot wait for a full vote.

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